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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Living with the weather 1.1

It’s the 24th August now, three weeks after my first post on the weather, and it still hasn’t rained. Any suits sitting in air-conditioned meeting rooms dismissing global warming should try and live here.

Since the forest-fire risk became so severe, the authorities have put barriers and attractive red and white tape across all the entries into the extensive woods and parklands in the region. You can’t go there any more. You might start a fire and then it would never stop.

Even the woods across the road from us, where we occasionally walk down to the Brague and along its banks to Biot - they’re closed. You’ve got to keep to the roads.

The local English-language radio station, Riviera Radio in Monaco, broadcasts its local weather forecast and exhibits a strange, possibly typically Engish, attitude. On the half-hour the announcer on duty will read the local news: fires, water problems, deaths amongst the elderly, sunburn amongst the tourists, cracked roads, traffic delays, fractious motorists, shortage of air-conditioners, short tempers, pain, death, trouble - ‘and now a look at the region’s weather: well, it looks like another gorgeous day tomorrow with lots of lovely sunshine for the weekend!’ What? Pardon? Are you listening to yourself? Enough is enough. Very, very strange.

It is noticeably cooler at night, now. We’re getting to sleep. In the evenings, when we have dinner on the terrasse, the temperature sometimes drops below 30°. That’s nice.

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